Download Free AOM Theme

Download Free AOM Theme

Needs two month to study, and try to create this theme.
It will works well on Firefox browser, and i already check via android tablet, it still okay.
Problem is, the layout will be broke if open with IE6 (btw so few people that use IE now).

The theme name Is ToyStore, so if you have toy shop using Associate O Matic script, you can use this theme instantly. But if you have the other niche, you will need to modify the logo.

This theme were different with the other Associate O Matic theme. Usually, people only modify the size, change the background, and add some logo, sometimes using specific color to match with the niche, but this theme have more than that!!.

Feature :
The main page, have a nice category tab, and enhanced with sliding picture!.
Inside the post page, the layout were totally different. It have a nice buy button, availability stock picture, and the other information were caged inside tab form.

Screenshot :

Demo :

Download : download: AOM ToyStore (1.99MB)
added: 29/08/2013
clicks: 180

If you like with the result, please support me.

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