Combine Facebook Like Box and Facebook comment

Combine Facebook Like Box and Facebook comment

Combine Facebook Like Box and Facebook commentFacebook, almost all of us use it. That’s why this facebook could boost up our website visitor if we can use it wisely. In my previous post, i suggest you to use SFC plugin, but today, i want to talk about another plugin that could be use.

The idea is

1. Add Facebook Like Button

2. Add Facebook Like Box

3. Add Facebook Comments

Usage Descriptions :

1. Facebook Like button.

When visitor click this button, your post URL will listed as “likes” link at their facebook account. It can attract those visitor’s friend to see, or click that link. It means a new visitor for your site.

2. Facebook Like Box

This plugin were seems like a “show of power”. Lots of people that like your link, will attract the other visitor to “also like” your link.

3. Facebook Comments

The result is same like the comment below this post. There is area to submit comments. When somebody fill this comment, that comment will also posted at their facebook wall. So friends of that visitor could read that comment too, and maybe follow to your link.

Lots of single plugin that could you download from I have try it, but most of them, could not work together. So, if you have problem to combine facebook like box plugin and facebook comments plugins, maybe you can use this plugin. This two plugin could work together.

- Facebook Like Box ==> Click here

- Facebook comment wordpress ==> Click here

Facebook comments:

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