Show Saving Price for Amazon products using WPRobot

Show Saving Price for Amazon products using WPRobot

Once again, i want to add new Modification tips for WPRobot amazon module, to update my previous tips.

In this case, is about How to Show Saving Price for amazon products that posted by WPRobot.

Actually, inside Amazon module (amazon.php) already have feature to get the saving price. If you look at the script inside amazon.php (edit Plugins, select WPRobot, and open the amazon.php), you will see some script like this :

  1. $savings = str_replace("$ ", "", $listprice) - str_replace("$ ", "", $price);
  2. $acontent = str_replace("{savings}", $savings, $acontent);

All we need is take this “$savings” value, and pull it via custom field.


How to add Saving Price to WPRobot CustomFields?

Scroll down that amazon.php script, and search script like this :

  1. $customfield = array();

Put this script below it :

  1. $customfield["savings"] = $savings;


How to Call this Price Saving from CustomFields?
Try to create new Amazon Campaign (or you can modify any existing one), and scroll down until you can see the area to add customfield. Click the ‘+’ (plus button), and add this
CustomField Name : saving (or you can name it with other)
CustomField Value : {savings}

That’s it. After you save the campaign, the modification is finish. When the campaign pull new amazon products, the saving price will show inside CustomField

Note : Not all Amazon products have Saving Price, so don’t expected that this SAVING PRICE will show on all your products

Works or not, please try it first. If you have something to ask, leave the comments below.

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  1. Fower says:

    Good idea, thanks!


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