WP Uniquefier, another weapon for your Autoblog

WP Uniquefier, another weapon for your Autoblog

Did you know, what this WP Uniquefier founder says about his plugins? “Say bye bye to duplicate content“. What a great words!!!

All of us know that Autoblogs most dangerous enemies is copy content. As long as we do autoblogs, we cannot make sure that our content will be unique. And frankly, i must said that our content will 100% not unique. But now, there is Plugins (WP Uniquefier) that can help us to “turn” our copied content into unique content. And the great news is, this is also automatics!!

WP Uniquefier is a WordPress Plugin which once activated will turn your blog content from duplicate to unique. All it takes is 1 single click to activate the plugin and everything will be 100% unique content.

Say bye bye to duplicate content

You may be wondering how WP Uniquefier do this magics? Well, it is indeed, and no it’s not one of those article rewriters or any spinners you may have heard of. More, the articles will be the same for your site visitors, the changes which are being made to the articles are in the backpage, in the page source, changes which are not visible to the visitors, but only to the search engines bots and browsers. WP Uniquefier will not adding hiding text or any kind of such activities which are strictly forbidden, the WP Uniquefier uses a simple, yet highly effective mechanism of turning your articles unique. It is a well known fact that search engines (for google has been proofed) can run and index non advanced JavaScript from your pages. This is why, by using a special technique WP Uniquefier place the original articles under a JavaScript run.

With this WP Uniquefier Plugins all this questions below will be answered
1. How to make wprobot create unique content
2. How to create autoblog with unique content
3. How to get unique autoblog content

To see the full feature that WP Uniquefier offers, see this details.

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    messed up my RSS….. weird signs and stuff


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