BLACK FRIDAY hit me sooner

BLACK FRIDAY hit me sooner

Isn’t like the original BLACK FRIDAY mean (shopping days), in this case, i mean a really BLACK FRIDAY. A bad Friday that i assume as a black day in this year.

This morning i got email that Google Terminates my Adsense Account. :(
This is a very shocking news for me, because i think i already leave a Black Campaign in my life. I already using all of my adsense with White Hat methods. So, what is my vault now?

I ever get banned before, but i admit my foul for that. In this case (today) i really do not know the reason!. After reading several post, in this November Google make a HUGE MASS BAN. Lots of Adsense account got banned this month. I already read that lots of ban happen in India and Pakistan, and lots of banned in Indonesia too.

Some news also tell something silly. Due to their protection to Advertiser, many Publhiser account got terminated without a prior notice and reason. Not only a White Hat person, but someone that not sigup an adsense account, also got Terminations Email. LOL

Google only concern to their advertiser, not us publisher. Maybe google forgot about one thing, they life because we (blogger) support that Adsense. If all of the Internet Marketer act “SAY NO TO GOOGLE ADSENSE”, maybe they will open their eyes. Should we start doing this?

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  1. Adi says:

    Let’s say no to adsense.


    cahyo Reply:



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