TimThumb not works, how to solve it

TimThumb not works, how to solve it

TimThumbs not works? here is some tips to solve it

TimThumbs were a great script that could resize our image (that stored inside our own server), so it can fit with our theme properly. Almost all premium theme use this great script, and some free theme also use it, because this script were free to use.

The problems is, some server (hosting) were denied this great script. Lest say that i ever got this trouble. I ever move a site from Hostgator into HawkHost. The previous site were working nicely, all thumbnail were show (inside the hostgator server), but when i move into Hawkhost, all image gone blank.
I inspect the image url, and all is same, not change at all. I wonder how this could happen. All tips about change the CHMOD of cache folder is done, but the problem still remain.

One tips that i ever use (an it works) is this :
Change the original image like this :
into this :

I do that trick by change the “value” inside the customfield by deleting the main url (http://www.xxx.com/), so i only fill it with url start with wp-content

The trick were works, but it still not answer the previous questions. How this could happen? Should i change all of my post?

Today, i found a very good tips from solidwebs.com, that this problem could be solved just with small script modification inside our .htaccess file. By put this script inside your .htaccess file, the timthumb.php script will works again.

Add this script inside your .htaccess

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

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  1. ViMEDIA says:

    Thanks you my bro, it’s (another) useful tips came from your cool blog…


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